Wüste Namibischeria


Pure Relaxing in Namibia

Why a retreat in Namibia?

People in companies and organizations are often under pressure to withstand professional demands and many responsibilities. In addition, there are private and family obligations. You want to do justice to everything. This not infrequently leads to the feeling of being physically and mentally overwhelmed, or even to burnout and exhaustion. One longs to return to a balanced work-life balance.

We want to support you as an entrepreneur, people in the management and everyone who feels addressed, with a special retreat in Namibia.

  • The desert area is a place of power
  • Retreat to a place of calm with positive energy
  • Just EXISTENCE, feel life
  • Enjoy good food and fine wine
  • Experience organized tours and excursions
  • Go on beach tours - endless and alone with the ocean
  • Personal coaching for new mental territory
  • Rediscover your own life track
  • Develop new awareness

Length of stay and program content are individually tailored to your needs and offered. Offers

Feuerschale in der Wüste Namibia
Mit 4x4 in der Wüste
Dinner in der Wüste Namibia
Heissluftballon Wüste Namid


Our Gecko Ridge Lodge on an area of 12ha comprises a luxurious desert lodge with rooms in typical African style, chalets in different sizes and a campside for individual travellers. The quiet location on a beautiful hill with a view of the lunar landscape is an ideal base for a retreat.

The lodge is the starting point for many activities around Swakopmund and the Namib Desert. The coastal town of Swakopmund can be reached by car in only 20 minutes; Walvis Bay Airport in 35 minutes.  

We would be delighted to welcome you as our valued guest at the exquisite Gecko Ridge Lodge in the breathtaking scenery of Namibia.

Your hosts

Zandré Ruch und Wolfgang Foerg
Owners Gecko Ridge Lodge


For more information on the lodge, please visit: www.geckoridge.com.na

Gecko Ridge Inhaber Zandré Ruch und Wolfgang Foerg
Pool Area
Pool Gecko Ridge Lodge - Namibia
Kamin - Gecko Ridge Lodge, Namibia
Lodge Zimmer
Pool Area
Pool - Gecko Ridge Lodge, Namibia
Tisch - Gecko Ridge Lodge, Namibia


There is a wide range of different activities that you can book combined with the retreat.

Here are a few impressions of possible outdoor activities. We would be happy to advise you personally on individual excursions and tours in the region.

  • Quad rides in the desert
  • Mountain bike / fat bike tours in the desert
  • Desert tour with 4x4
  • Balloon ride
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Paragliding or skydiving
  • Trekking
  • Living Desert Tours
  • Dinner in the desert
  • Fishing Tours Atlantic
  • Dolphin and seal boat trips in a catamaran
  • Sightseeing in Swakopmund
  • Camping