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Retreat in Namibia


If you have the desire to break out of your life and everyday work, to see something different and to recharge your batteries, then we offer you an efficient retreat to Namibia. Immerse yourself in a unique retreat to experience life from another side in a relaxed manner.

This land is a source of strength for every visitor and conveys an intense life energy through the wild beauty of nature, the infinity of vast land and the fascinating Atlantic Ocean with its rough seas.


From 1884 to 1915, German South West Africa was a former German colony in what is now the state of Namibia.

Namibia in south-western Africa is characterized by the Namib desert along its Atlantic coast and unique, contrasting landscapes. The Namib Desert, which gave the country its name, is the oldest desert in the world.

Namibia has a species-rich fauna. The unique dune landscape and the so-called lunar landscape near Swakopmund show their fascination when driving in an off-road vehicle, a sightseeing flight or a ride in a hot air balloon.



W├╝ste Namibischer


A saying goes: if you are looking for life, go to the desert.

It is a good feeling to experience what it is like to get back into your grounding despite the stress and adversity of life. Here you will be able to find your center again yourself. Discover mental broadening of horizons with new perspectives on the things in life and possible course alternatives.

This creates new inspiration, brings ideas and relaxation and will then have a positive and lasting effect on your life.

Why all this in Namibia?




The beautifully situated lodge about 15 km outside of Swakopmund with the name GECKO RIDGE is ideal as an oasis for relaxation, peace and well-being on the edge of the desert with a wonderful view of the lunar landscape and the Swakop River Valley.

The property offers a variety of amenities and is ideal as a starting point for excursions and tours.

My partner and co-owner of the lodge Zandré Ruch and his team will look after and organise an individual and unforgettable stay for you.